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I honestly think that Marshall Mather's (eminem, slim shady) adopted aliana because it was the best for her and her life other people may mot think that but I'm do and enimen is awesome so that makes his family must be to.

(KensieLobe)Okay, Idk who wrote that, but that is wrong. You can't just guess stuff. I want to know the truth. Anyone else?(KensieLobe << follow me on twitter!(: )

Well Alaina is the daughter of kims sister. At the time, he hated kim but kinda liked Alaina. He thought kim was ruining her life just like she was his so he adopted her.

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When she an infant because her mom was highly addicted on drugs and her parents had financial problems.

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Q: When was Alaina adopted by Eminem?
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How much daughters dose Eminem have?

Eminem current Has 3 Daughters named Halie Jade, Whittney, and Alaina. Whittney and Alaina are adopted

Who is eminem's daughter alainas mother?

eminem &amp; kim adopted alaina. She is Kim's twin sisters daughter.

Who is Whitney to Eminem?

Whitney is his adopted daughter i think Whitney and alaina are adopted hailie is his real daughter

Why does kim mathers have her sisters child?

She has her sisters child, because she and Eminem adopted her (Alaina) ;-)

Who is Lenny in Eminem song?

Laney Lainie is Alaina, Eminem'sniece and now adopted daughter.

Is eminem married with or without kids?

He's not married but he has 3 daughters-Hailie who is his biological daughter, Alaina who is his niece that he and his now ex-wife Kim adopted because Alaina was in a bad situation, and Whitney who is Kim and another guys kid &amp; eminem adopted her.

Who does Eminem take care of?

His daughter Hailie, his adopted daughters, Alaina and Whitney, and his half-brother, Nathan.

What is Eminem sons name?

Yes, Eminem has 3 kids.

Does Alaine Mathers live with Eminem?

alaina is now eminems daughter but use to be his neice he adopted her i luv eminem

Where are Eminem's adopted daughter Laney's parents?

Alaina Scott Mathers is Eminem's niece and adopted daughter. She is the biological daughter of his ex-wife Kim Scott's twin sister Dawn Marie, who died on January 19, 2016 after a lifelong struggle with drug addiction. Alaina's biological father was never identified.

Laney Eminem sister or daughter?

Laney is Eminem's neice. Laney's parents did drugs and so Eminem and now his ex wife Kim adopted her when she was little about 2 or younger.

Does eminem have a child?

Yes. He had one biological child (Hailey), one niece which he adopted (Alaina), and also a half-brother which he is the legal guardian of (Nathan).