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Adolph John Paschang was born on 1895-04-16.

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Q: When was Adolph John Paschang born?
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When did Adolph John Paschang die?

Adolph John Paschang died on 1968-02-03.

When was John Linus Paschang born?

John Linus Paschang was born in 1895.

When did John Linus Paschang die?

John Linus Paschang died in 1999.

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When was John Adolph of Nassau-Usingen born?

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When was Bishop Paschang Catholic School created?

Bishop Paschang Catholic School was created in 1969.

What is Bishop Paschang Catholic School's motto?

Bishop Paschang Catholic School's motto is 'Patience,Justice,Diligence,and Thriftiness.

When did John Adolph Shafer die?

John Adolph Shafer died in 1918.

When was Adolph Baller born?

Adolph Baller was born in 1909.

When was Adolph Jacobs born?

Adolph Jacobs was born in 1939.

When was Adolph Douai born?

Adolph Douai was born in 1819.

When was Adolph Kussmaul born?

Adolph Kussmaul was born in 1822.