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A Gaiety Girl was created in 1893.

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Q: When was A Gaiety Girl created?
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When was Live from the Gaiety created?

Live from the Gaiety was created in 2002-06.

When was The Gaiety School of Acting created?

The Gaiety School of Acting was created in 1986.

When was The Glasgow Gaiety Theatre created?

The Glasgow Gaiety Theatre was created in 1899.

Use the word gaiety in a sentence?

The music and the dancers in the room created an ambiance of unfettered gaiety.

What is the definition of the word gaiety?

The definition of the word gaiety is the state or quality of being lighthearted or cheerful. An example of a sentence with the word gaiety is "the gaiety of children's laughter".

What is a sentence with the word gaiety?

The annual town dance is the scene of much gaiety.

Sentence using word gaiety?

Vaudeville Theater was known for its gaiety and humor.

What is a sentence for the word gaiety?

They add to the enjoyment and gaiety of life, but so often they are moved on.

What actors and actresses appeared in Old Jane of the Gaiety - 1915?

The cast of Old Jane of the Gaiety - 1915 includes: Ethyle Cooke as Old Jane Grace DeCarlton as Mary - a Chorus Girl Winifred Lane as Daisy Morgan Niblack as Gilbertson

What is adjective of gaiety?

Gaiety means a state of happiness. Its adjective is 'Gay' meaning happy or cheerful.

A sentence for the word Gaiety?

While the teacher was out of the room, much gaiety and laughter was heard in the classroom.

What are the release dates for Gaiety Dance - 1897?

Gaiety Dance - 1897 was released on: USA: March 1897