When was AIESEC created?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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AIESEC was created in 1946.

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Q: When was AIESEC created?
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Is joining AIESEC worth for a lifetime for not so rich youths?

I'm a very broke youth. I've been to several conferences and am still with AIESEC. Totally worth it.

What is AIESEC and what are it's main functions?

AIESEC is an international non profit organization that provides students with leadership training and internship opportunities at for profit and non profit organizations.

What is the expansion for aiesec?

AIESEC stands for Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales, which translates to the International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences.

What is the full form of AIESEC?

AIESEC stands for certain words. However, the long version is no longer used since this definition does not apply to the organization anymore since AIESEC opened its doors to students from various faculties and not only business students anymore. Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales

Why you would like to join AIESEC?

I've joined AIESEC in Tunisia since October 2011 and I loved it so much. Through these two years I've learnt so much and developed myself, my hard and soft skills and for sure learnt how to become a better leader. I became someone who thinks about others, and wants to improve himself, develop people around him and change his country for the best. However, if you know the good stuff about something you experienced you must as well know the bad stuff about it. So here are 5 reasons why you shouldn't join AIESEC:· Early into real work: You are still a student, one or two years in the university, or you maybe just joined it, and you find yourself already working for some organization, having a full time job, contacting enterprises and meeting CEOs, organizing professional events, managing people, leading a team through a certain period, being part of a team, doing plans and backup plans, thinking about how to use your resources in a perfect way. You will become a professional since a young age while you're still in college.· Your CV will be hard to write: Usually, normal CVs don't take more than two minutes to write and prepare, yours will take at least hours. After joining AIESEC, with all the experience you have, the skills you developed and the things you've done, you wouldn't be able to make them fit on a 2 page CV. It will be so hard for you to list them all on a single CV, it is a hard task come on.· You'll lose all prejudges you have: You have prejudged a certain race, certain country or certain region? In AIESEC, you will lose them all. You will meet a lot of new people from different countries, different races and different regions in national or international conferences. You will visit a lot of new countries and get to know their true culture. You will have friends there, and by that you will lose everything bad you have in mind about them because you will know them for what they truly are. You will finally figure out that you were wrong and end up changing your mind about the world.· Your contact list will be way too long: Networking is one of the most important things in AIESEC. You will have a huge network of professionals you worked with on events, you will have a network of friends you met on conferences and people you engaged by AIESEC activities. So you will have a lot of visit cards and you will a hard time organizing your contact list and that will drive you crazy.· You will grow mature and join a cause: You are still young; you want to have fun, party and live your life to the fullest. You can't believe that you will be wearing a suit and tie and going to important meetings. You are still young for big causes and that complicated stuff. In AIESEC, you will learn the value of volunteering, you'll be part of a non for profit organization and will work for free, you will start believing in a certain cause, defending it and actually fighting for it. You will try to change the world and achieve peace.The thing about AIESEC is that once you join it you go to a completely new level. You change your mindset, you will join a professional world, you will experience leadership in every action you make, and you will become an entrepreneur and have the chance to develop yourself in a Global Learning Environment.You will change lives, impact society, help people, join a cause, develop skills, become a Leader, get to be an entrepreneur, become better and seek the best for the world, for your country, for people around you and for yourself. You will become a Change Agent.

What is bloggaspot?

Hi to all my fellow blog readers, how have ya'll been? well My everyday life has been busy and i hardly get to have time to sit down typing some stuffs for my blog, that tells why i haven't been updating my blog regularly. Just got back from AIESEC State Conference and I am currently feeling tired, I guess I had the similar types of highs after coming back from previous religious retreats that I have been too but this one just tops it all. I think this motivation will actually stick for a long time. At Conference we learnt what the AIESEC organisation is all about. We were told about the organisations goals and structures and how it is trying to activate leadership to inspire individuals to make a change in the world. We did team building activities that encouraged bonding, getting to know each other and also getting to know ourselves. All the activities we did showed how much knowledge that I had and how my ideas can change this world if I do take action. I learnt how important it is to take action, to get to know your team, to inspire, to motivate and to be sustainable. Gotta start getting into grear for the ICX team in AIESEC, I want to try and get at least 1 tn before I go on exchage (if I pass the review board). For those who do not know what I am talking a bout, I'm planning on going on an overseas internship to China next month and I have to pass the review board which is soon and pay the fee, then I am pretty much on my way.

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