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Q: When is sir thomas more and Alice Middleton anniversary?
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Who did Thomas More marry first?

He married first Jane Colt before Alice Middleton.

When did Thomas More marry Alice Middleton?

He married her immediately after his first wife died about the year 1511.

Was Thomas more married?

yes he was maried he got married to Jane colt, but when she died, he married Alice Middleton

Why did St. Thomas More marry Alice?

His first wife, Jane Colt, passed away at a very young age. Thomas needed a wife immediately to care for his four children so married Alice Middleton.

Who did St. Thomas More marry?

More married Jane Colt in 1505. When Jane died in 1511, More remarried almost immediately, choosing as his second wife a rich widow named Alice Middleton.

Who is Alice more in a man for all seasons?

She is the wife of THomas More(the lead character in the movie)

How many children does sir thomas have?

Thomas Wolfe did not have any children

How many times was Sir Thomas More married?

twice to jane colt then married alice middletown after jane died

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