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a good time to have a party is when theres a holiday or birthday...but i think the best time to have a party is on a weekend! that way u can stay up all night and party and sleep all day.

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Q: When is it a good time to have a party?
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Can you say was had?

Of course you can. I said it at a party yesterday and a good time was had by all. You can also say "is had" (When we party a good time is had by all.) And you can say "will be had" (When the party starts a good time will be had by all.)

What is the word for party in spanish?

Party as in have a good time: Fiesta.

What is the best time for a Holiday party?

Any time in the month of December is a good time for a Holiday Party.

What do you need on an invitation?

The who, what, when, where, and why of the party/event/gathering. That should do it good luck and have a great time at your party :)

What do the Cherokee Indians do in the summer?

They party and have a good time baby

What does PARTY stand for?

Party stands for an celebration or event in honor of something. Sometimes you may just have a party to "relax" or have a good time.

What are good housewarming party games?

Try for some great party game ideas.

Best man's responsibilities for bachelor's party?

The best mans responsibility is the whole party and strippers and to have a good time =]]

How can you get to buy some party pills which has no side effects?

Pills are not necessary to have a good time! There is no reason that chemicals are needed to have a party.

What does it mean that a girl likes to party?

it means that they like to have a good time have a few drinks with their friends and party all night.

What kind of mood is Lord Capulet in at the party?

He is in a good mood, ready to have a good time and to forgive anything.

Name something that a good party guest does?

Dancecleans upbrings food/drinkarrives on time