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November 16

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Q: When is Luis Alfonso Partida Cisneros birthday?
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Is Luis alfonso partida cisneros dead?

no he only hada a surgery

How old is Luis Alfonso Partida from el recodo?

Luis Alfonso Partida Cisneros is 19 years oldhe is a young singer from the banda el recodo

Who is el yaki from banda el recodo?

He's the newest singer and the youngest hes only 19. His real name is Luis Alfonso Partida Cisneros

What is the name of the kid in Banda El Recodo?

luis alfonso partida.

How old is el yaqui aka Luis Alfonso Partida?

hes 18

Does Luis alfonso partida from the banda recodo have a girlfriend?

No. Luis Miguel is NOT married.

What is the name of the guy who sings te presumo?

His name is Luis Alfonso Partida aka "El Yaki"

What has the author Luis Benjamin Cisneros written?

Luis Benjamin Cisneros has written: 'Julia'

What is the birth name of Luis Alfonso Robles?

Luis Alfonso Robles's birth name is Luis Alfonso Robles Peinado.

When was Luis Alfonso Dávila born?

Luis Alfonso Dávila was born in 1943.

When did Icaro Cisneros die?

Icaro Cisneros died on December 4, 1984, in San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

When was Luis Alfonso de Alba born?

Luis Alfonso de Alba was born in 1957.