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Well, it's obvious that he's under the age of 18 from what he says about him being a "boy" genius. But that also means he's over the age of 7 from what he said about him dreaming about world domination since he was in the second grade, with the average age for 2nd grade is 7. So I have to say he's at least 13 to 15 years of age...

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well, his birthday was never revealed in the show, but i did some research to see and it says jack has all the emotions and jestures of an Aries the sun sign ruled by mars and its also said many people that belong to that sign have a reddish-tint to there hair color and many of them have flat out pure red hair(like jack). and he never learns from his mistakes hes also loving naive and generous like in two episodes he offers chase young a sandwich a juice -box or a choruw, the other episode he says to the munks "okay, maybe one day when we're all not fighting over shan gong Wu, we could all go out for ice cream, MY TREAT. Then i did some sun sign research to find out the day he has 2 similer oras and 12 trates of an Aries so that means his birthday is on the second month of the Aries's cycle and the 12th day of the month so he was borth on April 12 between 1995 and 1993...

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That was never revealed.

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Q: When is Jack Spicer 's birthday from Xiaolin Showdown?
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