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billy was born september 16 1968

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Q: When is Billy and Ricky Bretherton of Vexcon birthdays?
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What is ricky bretherton favorite music?

are you talking about Billy the exterminators brother? if you are Billy likes Geneva and Metal music and Ricky probably likes metal or rock maybe he likes Geneva to.

What is the birth name of Rick Bretherton?

Rick Bretherton's birth name is Ricky Lee Bretherton.

What nicknames does Rick Bretherton go by?

Rick Bretherton goes by Ricky.

What is Ricky Bretherton's birthday?

august the 3

How tall is ricky lee bretherton?

He is 6'4"

Does Ricky Lee Bretherton have a girlfriend?

Yes.....I met her today! And they appear very happy.

How old is ricky billy the exterminator brother?

I think Billy's brother Ricky is in his mid-40s.

How old is billy the exterminators brother?

I think Billy's brother Ricky is in his mid-40s.

Who was the girl that got arrested with ricky from billy the exterminator?

She was some skank that Billy should have exterminated on an earlier show.

Does Ricky Martin like Billy Joel and does he like Uptown Girl?

Mr. Martin does NOT care for Billy Joel! He prefers to listen to nature and draw influence from that.

Does ricky heather Gary Stacey jack billy and Roxy smoke in real life not in eastenders?

None of them smoke.

Is William MCNamara related to Ricky Nelson?

No, they are not related. However, Billy played Ricky Nelson in an episode of the TV show, "Nightmares and Dreamscapes". He has also long been considered for a Ricky Nelson film, but that is still just "in the works" and may never happen.