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The series was canceled by the CW, however BET picked up the show for a 4th season. This was just announced so there is no set date on when season 4 will air on BET.

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Q: When does the fourth season of The Game air on the cw?
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When is the fourth season of Supernatural schedualed to air on CW TV?

The 4th season of Supernatural premiers Thursday, September 18th at 9/8 central.

Is Smallville season 9 on the cw channel?

Yes, Smallville Season 9 will air on the CW.

Will there be a new season of the Game on the CW?


Is there a season 4 to the cw's the game and if so were can i watch it I don't live in the US so i can't watch it on cw? The Game was cancelled at the end of season 3 by the CW. It has been in syndication on BET (they are currently playing reruns of season 1 and 2). BET has been in negotiations with CBS (who owned the rights to the show) to have them sign over the rights so they could pick up the show for a new fourth season. As of October 9, 2009, BET has gained the rights to The Game and a fourth season is on its way...we just don't know when exactly...but it should be on by the spring (April/May -- the latest --I hope). For now BET will get fans up to date by running season 1 through 3 leading up to the season premier of the fourth season.

When is vampires diaries season 4 back on?

Yes, the CW has renewed The Vampire Diaries for a fourth season. Expect the return of the fourth season on September 16th, 2012.

Will there be a new season of the game for 2009-2010?

CW has cancelled the season but there is hope that a new season on BET!

When are they giving the game season 3?

The Game on the CW Network is returning with its 3rd Season on Friday night, October 3, 8:30PM

When will season 4 Gossip Girl air?

Monday, September 13, 2010. The CW.

When does vampire diaries season 3 air in Australia?

Cw but you can watch now in internet........

Is there going to be a Gossip Girl season 4?

On February 16th 2010, CW announced that it will be bringing the show back for a fourth season beginning in the fall of 2010.

Is there going to be a fourth season of the game?

The question is referring to the Game television show starring Tia Mowry & Pooch Hall. Yes, BET is picking it up after a long battle with CW network. They are in the process of filming it now in Atlanta, GA

Is there going to be a season 4 of the game the TV series on cw?

I heard It's going to be cancelled.