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never because no one ever watches that dumb show.

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2009-11-27 05:53:18
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Q: When does season 5 of Dog the Bounty Hunter come out on bravo tv?
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When does season 4 of dog the bounty hunter come out?

Season Four has already come out.

When does the bounty hunter come out to DVD?

the bounty hunter is to be released July 13th 2010

When does bounty hunter come out to theaters?

March 19, 2010

How come sometimes you cant log on to boxhead bounty hunter?

because theres a delay

How do you use the bounty hunter rockets in Lego Star Wars 2 on the PS2?

press triangle and then the rocket will come out.

Is baby Lisa still on Dog the Bounty Hunter?

Technically yes. but she had a baby so she doesn't come out much anymore.

How can you get the level 3 bounty hunter song on runescape?

get cb level 75 then go in level 3 arena and come out,you should have it

Why is dog the bounty hunter off TV?

I dont think it is because it is on charter on demand. If you have checked the A and E channel, it should come on.

Why was Dog the Bounty Hunter cancelled?

Having come across the pooch before he became semi-famous.Basically it's because he's an A-hole.

Is Tim coming back to dog the bounty hunter?

Tim did come back i seen a new episode .he needed time off personnel issues.

Is Tim Chapman leaving Dog The Bounty Hunter?

Yes, for season five. It is unclear whether he will return for following seasons.tim was recently arrested after handing himself in to police for alleged attempted murder and indecent exposure, he may return in season 6Tim with come back as I guess a guest star in some of the episodes in season 7.okkk thanks!!

What language does the word bravo come from?

The word 'bravo' is Italian in origin.

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