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i heard on the 29th of this month but im not sure if its true

like next monday like 11-30-07

tomorrow To all Naruto fans out there. It will be special 1 hours episode for Naruto Shippuden next week. This episode 36 & 37 will be available for us to watch by Nov 29 2007 ANSWERThe episode comes out today. Thursday, Nov.29. It will be up tomorrow because it takes a day to sub into English. So it will be up tomorrow, but airs in Japan today. november 29 2007

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This episode will probably show up on YouTube around Friday or Saturday.

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The 15th of November but should be subbed and posted on the internet on the 16th

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Naruto shippuden 44 is out with English subtitles. The dubbed version will be out in sometime as well.

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Q: When does naruto Shippuden episode 36 come out date please?
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Naruto Shippuden episode 118 "Formation!" July 23, 2009

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It is out

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It hasn't come out yet so you can't watch it. The newest Naruto Shippuden episode so far is Naruto Shippuden episode 164. It just recently came out yesterday. When the 200th episode does come out you can watch it. The episodes come out weekly every Thursday.

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IT is out today ^^

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they both come out in episode 1 in Naruto shippuden

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When will naruto Shippuden episode 154 come out?

Naruto Shippuden comes out in America every Thursday. It depends how fast it takes to sub the episode, but it still probably will come out Thursday.

When will Naruto Shippuden 115 come out?

every Friday a new English subbed naruto shippuden episode comes out same with the naruto manga

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