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It's out now.

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Q: When does WWE 2k15 dlc pack come out?
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Wwe 2k15 paige dlc release date

Will Tyson Kidd be a DLC in WWE' 13?

No, he isn't. They just came out with DLC pack 3. That's the last DLC pack and there is no Tyson Kidd in any of the packs.

Is cm punk's mask in WWE 2011?

Yes, in the DLC Pack #3.

Will dlc pack 2 of WWE raw vs smackdown 2011 of ps2 will work on ps2 emulator if yes how?

I will u.but first give me the link for dlc pack for ps2. I have link for ps3 dlc pack but i haven't ps3. Please

How do you download WWE svr 2011 DLC pack 2 onto your PS3?

go to wwe shop and you find it

Will the dlc pack 3 for WWE smackdown vs raw 2011 come out on the 25th of January 2011?

No. The release date hasn't been revealed yet.

How do you unlock curt hawkinc on WWE 12?

he is not in the game he is in dlc pack so you have to download or create him

Will ryback be on the wii for WWE 13?

not at all ,because he is a dlc and he will come as a dlc in december for x box 360 and ps3

When will the dlc pack uprisingg come out on PS3?

Approximately May 16th.

When does dlc 3 come out for WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011?

Mid Febuary

What do you havve to download WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 dlc pack 2?

It can be downloaded from Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Store.

Do you get WWE 12 dlc for the wii?

I have a WII and I got the game but i think the dlc packs come with ps3 and xbox 360. I Hope I answered your question.