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If you are referring to the book Lord of the Flies, then he became chief on page 181. Right after Piggy was killed.

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Q: When does Jack become the real chief?
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What is Roger's role in Jack's tribe?

It seems that Roger has become the unofficial second in command to Jack and also chief torturer.

In chapter 10 of Lord Of The Flies why does roger call jack a real chief?

Roger calls Jack a "real chief" because Jack successfully leads the boys in hunting and provides them with meat, which helps to solidify his authority and status as a leader. Roger admires Jack's ability to assert power and control over the group.

When did Chief Hunter Jack die?

Chief Hunter Jack died in 1905.

When did Chief Jack House die?

Chief Jack House died in 1971.

Why does Piggy dissuade Ralph from giving up his position as chief?

Piggy is fully aware that Ralph is the only thing that is preventing Jack from becoming chief. Piggy knows that if Jack does become chief all hope of rescue will disappear because Jack will only bother about hunting and the signal fire wil be forgotten. Piggy is also fearful for his own safety.

What would happen is jack as chief in the lord of flies?

If Jack was elected as chief in "Lord of the Flies," there would likely be a shift towards a more authoritarian and aggressive leadership style. Jack's focus on hunting and power could lead to increased divisions and conflicts within the group. The dynamics of the boys' society would probably become more chaotic and brutal under Jack's rule.

Who assumed the role of Chief in Lord of the Flies?

Ralph is elected as the chief but Jack assumes the role of chief of the hunters.

How did Chief Joseph become Chief?

His father, Tuekakas, who was chief died making him chief.

Is kangaroo Jack real?

No. Kangaroo Jack is neither real, nor ever likely to be real.

Was there a rose and Jack in Titanic?

yes there where a rose and jack on Titanic

What was Jack's response when Ralph gets to be chief?

he is mad because he wanted to be chief. it is pretty obvious.

Who is the chief whip of Trinidad and tobago?

The Chief Whip of Trinidad and Tobago is Mr. Jack Warner.