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The 1st fight: "DaBoom" (Season 2).

The 2nd fight: "Blind Ambition" (Season 4).

The 3rd fight: "No Chris Left Behind" (Season 5).

Ernie's 4th : Cameo in "Meet The Quagmires"(Season 5) but a fight is prevented.

Ernie's 5th : Cameo in "The Juice is Loose"(Season 7) in the mob confronting O.J. Simpson

Ernie's 6th : Cameo in "Big Man on Hippocampus"(Season 8) He hits Peter with an odd number of objects helping him to regain his memory.

Ernie's 7th : Cameo in "Go Stewie Go" (Season 8)

Ernie's 8th & 10th : Ernie played the role of Boba Fett in "Something Something Something Dark Side"(Season 8) & "It's a Trap" (Season 9)

Ernie's 9th : Cameo in "Trading Spaces" (Season 9)

Ernie's 11th : The fourth Peter vs Ernie fighthappened in the Season 10 finale, "Internal Affairs"

Ernie's 12th appearance and fifth fight was seen in reverse, in Season 11's "Yug Ylimaf"

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Q: When does Ernie the Chicken appear on Family Guy and When does he fight with Peter?
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What is the best Family Guy moment?

The Peter Griffin vs. Ernie the Giant Chicken fights. that rocks but i like when ***** ***** --------------------------------------------------------------------------- when peter and michael moore have a farting competition

What does the name Ernie mean?

Since you've put this in the categories Sesame Street and Family the answer for both is Yes.Bert and Ernie in Sesame StreetandErnie the Giant Chicken who fights Peter periodically

What if Ernie the giant chicken fought Joe?

Since Ernie & Peter were a tie in their fight & since Joe beat the snot out of Peter, Cleveland, & Quagmire combined Joe would do the same with Ernie.

What started the Peter vs Giant Chicken fights?

It was revealed in the episode DaBoom, Ernie gave Peter an expired coupon. That matter was resolved but Peter & Ernie started a verbal altercation over who was going to pay the check for dinner and became physical after Peter told Ernie's wife, Nicole, to "stay out of it". In the Season 10 finale the problems escalated when Peter accidentally backed into Ernie's car.

Who would win Peter Griffin or Ernie the Giant Chicken?

Considering Peter has walked away from each fight while Ernie lain beaten and bloody, and considering he's the main character on the show, Peter would ultimately win.

Will Ernie the Giant Chicken ever die?

There hasn't been a Peter/Ernie fight since 2012 so it's possible the writers have given up on the fights but sure if they wanted to finally kill Ernie off they could.

Why did the Big Chicken give peter an expired coupon?

You want to know the motivations behind Ernie giving Peter an expired coupon, correct.You realize that there is absolutely NOanswer to this question.

In family guy who does peter hate the most?

meg.and your mumActually, it's the chicken

In which episode of Family Guy does Peter get a rally car?

It doesn't appear Peter ever obtains a rally car.

Why did loyalist turned patriots?

chicken in pig den peter vs chicken,,,watch family guy nicholas middendorf and Matt also caarlos

In which Family Guy episode does Dr. Hartman tell Peter about the giant chicken?

New Kidney in Town

Which episode is Peter's final showdown with the chicken?

There hasn't been a "final showdown" yet. Ernie's most recent bout w/ Peter happened in the last episode of Season 10, Internal Affairs.It was suggested there might be another fight in the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover episode that is apparently slated to air in the Fall of 2014, but that may have been a joke told by Steve Callaghan.