When do kim and ron kiss?

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Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable kiss in their second and last movie, SO NOT THE DRAMA. Then they become girlfriend and boyfriend. I'm pretty sure they kiss in some episodes after that!

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Q: When do kim and ron kiss?
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What episode in Kim Possible do Kim and Ron kiss at a dance?

kim and ron actually kiss at the dance in the season finale of season three in a movie, Kim Possible: so the drama.

What was the episode in the Kim Possible series where Ron and Kim kiss for the first time?

Kim and Ron kissed for the first time in "The Kim Possible Movie so the drama" at their High School Prom.

What episode do ron and Kim kiss in Kim possible?

They first kiss in the movie So the Drama. Actually, KP may have kissed him in the episode Emotion Sickness.

When was Kim Sae-ron born?

Kim Sae-ron was born on 2000-07-31.

Does Ron like Kim?

In the beginning of the show Ron and Kim were just friends but in the end they are a couple.

Do Ron and Kim get married in any Kim Possible Movie?


What is ron's pts name on Kim Possible?

Rufus, a naked mole rat, is Ron's pet on Kim Possible.

Did Kim Kardashian ever kiss a girl?

No Kim did NOT kiss a girl so LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Kim possible episode does it show when Kim and Ron meet?

kim possible a sitch in time

Is kim and shego dating on Kim Possible?

No, Kim is dating Ron and Shego is dating Draken.

What is the first episode ron and kim get together?

They first kiss in "Emotion Sickness", date during this episode, and after Kim returns to normal it's heavily implied they're going to hook up at the end. I believe this counts.

Is there a missing Kim Possible episode when Kim and Ron have a fight and break up on season 4?

No. There is the episode Clean Slate, in which Kim FORGETS she is dating Ron. In Ill Suited, Ron mis-understands what Kim was talking about and tries out for the football team because he thinks he must to impress her.

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