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According to Adrian Grant, author of "Michael Jackson: A Visual Documentary 1958 - 2009 The Official Tribute", the Jacksons left Indiana and moved to California in the winter of 1968 when they started recording with Mowtown. The boys and Joe Jackson lived with both Diana Ross and Barry Gordy. I also read somewhere that the family's move was completed the following year.

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Q: When did the Jackson family leave Gary Indiana?
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Are the Jackson five from Gary?

Yes. the Jackson family lived in Gary, Indiana where Joe Jackson worked.

Where was Michael Jackson raised?

Michael Jackson was born in 1958 in Gary, Indiana U.S.A.

Where did the Jackson family live when Michael was born?

Gary Indiana

What house did Michael Jackson grow up in?

Gary, Indiana.

Where did Michael Jackson's parents live?

In Gary,Indiana on 2300 Jackson Street.

In which state was Michael Jackson born?

Gary, Indiana

Where did Michael Jackson family live?

It is in Santa Barbara which is in California (LA) in America.

Did Janet Jackson grow up in LA?

Janet was born May 16, 1966 in Gary, Indiana

Where is Jackson from?

Janet Jackson is from Gary,Indiana.

Which us town was Michael Jackson born in?

Gary, Indiana

Did Michael Jackson move anywhere when he was young?

He lived in Gary,Indiana then moved to California with his family.

Where was the famous Jackson family home?

The Jackson family, of the Jackson 5 musical group, originated from humble beginnings in a little town called Gary, Indiana. That is where the the famous family home is located.