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Considering you didn't mention a specific name for "the groom", I'm going to take a leap and assume you mean Lieutenant Eve Dallas' husband Roarke. His character appears in the first book of the series Naked in Death. He is initially a suspect in the murder of a prestigious senator's granddaughter, and Eve falls for him during the investigation. He is, obviously, ruled out as a suspect. Roarke proposes to Eve at the end of the second book Glory in Death, they are preparing for their marriage throughout the course of the third book Immortal in Death, at the end of which the ceremony "takes place" (it is actually not written, Eve is dressing for it at the books end). Book four, Rapture in Death, begins with the two on their honeymoon.

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Q: When did the Groom first appear in the In Death Series by JD Robb?
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