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When Sunako and Kyohei are playing a game of Table Tennis, they get competitive. When they are jumping across the table at the same time to hit the ball, their lips lock on accident.

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Q: When did sunako and kyohei kiss?
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Did kyohei and sunako kiss?

Sunako and Kyohei do kiss.

Did kyohei love sunako?

The manga is still going on, and Kyohei hasn't confessed to Sunako, yet. =] But you can really tell that they like each other, they just don't know it yet. They have only kissed a couple times, for example there was an accidental kiss while Kyohei and Sunako were playing Ping Pong. Another example is when in chapter 100 kyohei kissed sunako in front of everyone at sunako's aunt's rival's daughter's engagement party. Kyohei was mad at the daughter when she said that he was only pretending to be her boyfriend b/c he was forced to so then he kissed her to make the people at the party believe it. Hope this helps! :D

Does sunako end up with kyohei?

I think so because it is hinted that they end up together. They've also kissed and on it says that their relationship becomes more solid and intimate. KYOHEI+SUNAKO 4EVA

How many wallflower books will there be?

My guess is there will be about 30 in the series or at the least 25. Because Sunako and Kyohei are starting to notice one another. It all has to end sometime.

Who are the characters of Yamato nadeshiko?

sunako nakahara kyohei takano ranmaru morii noi kasara kikuno tamao takenaga oda yukinojo toyama goth noi sisters

What is The Wallflower about?

Sunako Nakahara is a girl who loves the darkness and is anti-social. She is sent to live with 4 beautiful boys Kyohei, Takanaga, Yukinojo(Yuki), and Ranmaru. The boys must change Sunako into an elegant young lady or else their rent on their house will triple even when they are struggling with the current price

Does sunaka kiss kyohei?

yes in episodes 2 and 9 and in manga

Sunako Nakahara in love with Kyohei Takano?

yes! she is , i mean, in manga , she react when she knew that kyouhei loves her... she just can`t admit it to herself cause she tought that kyouhei doesn`t like her, and besides she protected him and worried for him in a couple of times.

Who will be sunako's girlfriend in?

If you're asking about My Fair Lady/Wallflower/Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge/Perfect Girl Evolution (damn, the series has too many names!), then the latest chapters released in English so far point towards Kyohei.

When was Kyohei Fujita born?

Kyohei Fujita was born in 1921.

When was Kyohei Morita born?

Kyohei Morita was born in 1984.

How tall is Kyohei Kaneko?

Kyohei Kaneko is 176 cm.