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shot by brother

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Q: When did roger of Zapp and roger die?
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How did Roger Troutman of Zapp die?

Roger Troutman of Zapp died in shootout near his northwest Dayton recording studio. It is believed the shooter was his brother, who committed suicide shortly after the shooting.

Is zapp and roger better than mc magic?

Yes Roger Troutman and Zapp is better than McMagic, he got his distinctive voice and some of his talent from them.... No One can compare to Roger Troutman!!

Who sang more bounce to the ounce?

Zapp and Roger

What is the group Zapp and Roger known for?

The group Zapp & Roger is a funk and soul band that formed in 1978. The band also goes by the name Zapp and remained together until 1999 when two members that were brothers were killed in a homicide and suicide.

When did Walter Zapp die?

Walter Zapp died in 2003.

When did Alexandra Zapp die?

Alexandra Zapp died in 2002.

Who is the artist of cutie pie?

Zapp and Roger are the artists of cutie pie

When did Robert-Richard Zapp die?

Robert-Richard Zapp died on 1964-07-17.

Is zapp are brothers?

Yeah the whole r&b group of zapp are brothers roger troutman, larry troutman, terry troutman, tony troutman and lester troutman.

When did Kelly Zapp die?

Kelly Zapp died on December 1, 1992, in Portland, Oregon, USA.

What old school song that sounds like Zapp and Roger says do you want to roll?

Are you sure it's not Zapp & Roger's Doo Wa Ditty? I don't know any songs that sound like that song. Others have sampled it but none sound close to it at all

The song in menace to society when Kane talking to the girl at the barbecue?

Its called, 'Computer Love' by Zapp & Roger :)