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The 1980's.

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Q: When did mara salvatrucha originate?
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Where did the Mara Salvatrucha gang originate?

The Mara Salvatrucha gang originated in Los Angles, California in America, this later spread to across central america and also into some part of Canada

When was Mara Salvatrucha created?

Mara Salvatrucha was created in 1980.

Why is la mara salvatrucha 13 called la mara salvatrucha 13?

"La Mara Salvatrucha 13" is a name adopted by the gang Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS-13. The "Mara" references the Spanish term for gang, "Salvatrucha" may refer to Salvadoran guerrilla fighters, and "13" is believed to symbolize the gang's alliance with the Mexican Mafia.

Who was the first merber in mara salvatrucha?

The founder of it....since ur not a member of Mara Salvatrucha(Ms-13) why u care?

What does the gang mara salvatrucha does for a living?


Is La Mara Salvatrucha MS 13 arrived in the Philippines?

La Mara Salvatrucha MS 13 arrived in the Philippines in 2010 to help fight crime.

Deadliest gangs in the world?

Mara Salvatrucha MS13

When was the Mara Salvatrucha invented?

In the 1980s by immigrants from el Salvador

Is mara salvatrucha allies with gangsters disciples?

Mara Salvatrucha has nothing to do with the Gangster Disciples or any other gang within the Folk Nation, and contrary to popular belief the Crips have nothing to do with the Folk Nation either.

Is MS 13 in Germany?

The gangs full name is Mara Salvatrucha, which translates to the SALVADORAN gang, so it wouldn't make sense for them to be in Germany...NO Mara Salvatrucha ain't in Germany....Germany doesn't even have gangs

What gang uses the tragedy masks as tattoo?

MS13 - Mara Salvatrucha

Did Mara Salvatrucha found the street gang MS 13?

Mara Salvatrucha is not a person, it is just an elongated name for MS-13. Mara Salvatrucha means "Salvadorian gang." MS-13 was founded by Salvadorians in Los Angeles to protect themselves from other gangs. Some of those Salvadorians were deported, and they spread the gang to many parts of Central America. I hope this helped!