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Heck no....Miley aka would be but in the most "awkward" situation!!

no shut up they dont kno and miley dont go with him

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Well she still hated him in the fifth year, so sometime after that....... I think somewhere in the books that it was in their 7th year.

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In their seventh year.

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Q: When did lily and James Potter start dating?
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What chapter did Lord Voldemort kill Lily and James Potter?

Lily and James Potter were killed before the start of the first book. The series started the day after they died.

Why didn't Lily Evans like James Potter at Hogwarts?

Lily eventually did like James at Hogwarts, they started dating in their seventh year. However before that, he was an arrogant bully and Lily wanted nothing to do with him until he matured.

Who did James Potter marry?

James Potter was married to Lily Evans.

Who is Lily Potter and James Potter son?

Harry Potter.

Who are lily and James Potter?

Harry Potter's parents

Was Lily or James Potter killed first?

James Potter was murdered first.

What are the names of Snape's parents in Harry Potter?

Lily Evans and James Potter. I'm obsessed with the series. :)

Where did lily and James potter lived?

Godric's Hollow

What characters will be auditioned for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Erm...Little Lily Potter, Little James Potter, Hugo and Rose, Albus Potter and possibly Narcissa Malfoy Little Lily Potter, Little James Potter, Hugo and Rose, Albus Potter James potter his brother and lily potter his sister possibly Narcissa Malfoy

Who is Harry Potter related to who is famous?

Lily and James Potter.

Who were the parents of Harry Potter's?

James Potter, and Lily Evans.

Why did Lily Evans change her last name to Potter?

Lily Evans changed her name to Potter when she married James Potter.