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Q: When did john whitaker get married?
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Is john whitaker related to Ellen whitaker?

Ellen Whitaker is the daughter of rider Steven Whitaker and is niece of riders John Whitaker and Michael Whitaker.

How tall is John Henry Whitaker?

John Henry Whitaker is 6'.

When did john whitaker die?

John Thompson Whitaker died in 1946.

When did John Whitaker - gymnast - die?

John Whitaker - gymnast - died in 1977.

When was John Thompson Whitaker born?

John Thompson Whitaker was born in 1906.

What has the author John F Whitaker written?

John F. Whitaker has written: 'Unmask'

When was John Whitaker - gymnast - born?

John Whitaker - gymnast - was born on 1886-04-09.

What is Ellen whitaker family called?

they are called the Whitaker family they include: John Whitaker, Michael Whitaker, Steven Whitaker, Carol Whitaker, Robert Whitaker and finally Ellen Whitaker. sorry there are more im sure but that's all i know! x

Does Ellen whitaker have brothers and sister?

Father: Steven Whitaker Mother: Carol ? Uncles: John Whitaker, Michael Whitaker Brothers: Joe, Tom and Donald Whitaker Sisters: None

Who is theo rossi married to?

stephanie whitaker

When did John Thompson Whitaker die?

Herman Whitaker died on January 20, 1919, in New York City, New York, USA of stomach cancer.

Are johny whitaker and mark whitaker related?

yes mark,ellen,john.....All related