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well i dont really no but ive heard 1893 i dont think its correct

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Q: When did john batman discover Melbourne?
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Surname of the first man to discover Melbourne?

John Batman is regarded as the founder of Melbourne.

What was batman avenue in Melbourne named after?

John Batman

How old was john batman?

John Batman (1801 - 1839) fouder of Melbourne, was 38 when he died.

Who was the first man to settle in Melbourne?

John Batman is regarded as the founder of Melbourne.

Who was the first person to explore Melbourne?

John Batman

When did john batman's exploration of Melbourne end?


Who is the founder of Victoria?

It isn't easy to say who was the founder of Victoria, Melbourne. However the Aboriginals were here in Victoria first but the first white man to discover was John Batman and he brought along with him, the 'Batman Treaty.'

With what city do you associate John Batman?

The city most commonly associated with John Batman is Melbourne, capital of Victoria, Australia.

Where was John Batman born?

John Batman, unofficial founder of Melbourne, was born in Parramatta, Sydney, on 21 January 1801.

What was the first name of Melbourne?

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, Australia. In 1835, it was almost named Batmania after one of its founders, John Batman.

What is the Australian capital city founded by John Batman in?

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, Australia, and it was founded by John Batman in 1835.

When was Melbourne found by John Batman?

1869 have fun :DThis is a troll!