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I don't think Family Guy ever came out in books unless you mean comics?

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Q: When did family guy come out in books?
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Is there family guy story books?


Where can you find Family Guy Song Books?

They don't appear to exist but just Google Family Guy Song Books and links to sheet music appear.

Where did the family guy theme come from?

Its a take on the intro from "All in the Family."

Does Family Guy come on during Saturday mornings?


What episode of family guy does the retarded rooster come out?

The retarded rooster is seen in episode 2 of season 8 of Family Guy which is entitled "Family Goy."

When does family guy something something darkside come out?

On the 30th of February ;)

Where did the surname Fawkes come from?

Fawkes was the regular family name of Guy Fawkes.

When did Family Guy Season 8 come out in Australia?

September 29, 2009

How come family guy is 14 plus and family guy video game is 18 plus?

Because Video Games and TV have different ratings I would imagine.

In which Family Guy episode do the New Yorkers come?

The 'Leafers' appear in Lethal Weapons

What year did the Family Guy video game come out?

November 20th 2012

How come family guy is called family griffin in Italy?

my guess is that it is called that because of the fact that the show is based on a family with the last name griffin