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good luck finding any information about this guy. I feel bad for you if you have to do a project about this guy cause I did and i failed. :(

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Frick me then because i got him

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Q: When did elbert r Robinson die?
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What did Elbert R. Robinson invent?

Elbert R. Robinson invented the electric railway trolley, for which he received a patent in 1893.

Who invented the trolly?

Elbert R. Robinson invented the trolly!

When did Elbert R. Curtis die?

Elbert R. Curtis died in 1975.

Is there an autobiography on Elbert R Robinson inventor of the electric trolley?


What did Elbert T Robinson invent?

Elbert T. Robinson invented the electric trolley.

Is there a picture of elbert r Robinson?

no there is no picture of him neither is there any info about him good luck trying

When was Elbert R. Curtis born?

Elbert R. Curtis was born in 1901.

When did James R. Robinson die?

James R. Robinson died in 1950.

When did Joseph R. Robinson die?

Joseph R. Robinson died in 2006.

Who was Elbert R Robinson?

trust me you will not find info about this guy

When did Elbert Root die?

Elbert Root died in 1983.

When did Elbert A. Smith die?

Elbert A. Smith died in 1959.