When did Wrex Tarr die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Wrex Tarr died on 2006-06-06.

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Q: When did Wrex Tarr die?
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When was Wrex Tarr born?

Wrex Tarr was born on 1934-06-24.

When did J. L. Tarr die?

J. L. Tarr died in 2008.

When did Don Tarr die?

Don Tarr died on 1980-06-04.

When did George Herrmann Tarr die?

George Herrmann Tarr died in 1968.

When did Ralph Stockman Tarr die?

Ralph Stockman Tarr died in 1912.

When did Stuart A. Tarr die?

Stuart A. Tarr died on 1997-03-29.

When did Justin Tarr die?

Justin Tarr died on July 26, 2012, in Hawaii, USA.

When was WREX created?

WREX was created on 1953-10-01.

When did Ron Tarr die?

Ron Tarr died on October 20, 1997, in England, UK of cancer.

Will wrex be in mass effect 3?

Wrex is in ME3, assuming he survived Virmire in ME1.

If someone were watching WREX TV what would they be watching?

If one was watching WREX TV one would be watching the news. One can also use the official website of WREX TV for all the latest news and flood warnings etc.

When was Tarr created?

Tarr was created in 1918.