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William Henry Pickering died in 1938.

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Q: When did William Henry Pickering die?
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When was William Henry Pickering born?

William Henry Pickering was born in 1858.

When did Henry Pickering Bowditch die?

Henry Pickering Bowditch died on 1911-03-13.

When did William Hayward Pickering die?

William Hayward Pickering died on 2004-03-15.

Who were William Henry Harrison's friends?

Some of William Henry Harrison's friends were Timothy Pickering, Henry Clay, and John Tyler.

What was William Henry Harrison's friend?

William Henry Harrison had many friends, but one of his close friends was Secretary of State Timothy Pickering.

Who discovered phoebe?

Phoebe, which is one of Saturn's moons was discovered by William Henry Pickering in 1899.

When was Henry Pickering Bowditch born?

Henry Pickering Bowditch was born on April 4, 1840.

When was William Hayward Pickering born?

William Hayward Pickering was born on 1910-12-24.

When did William Henry Powell die?

William Henry Powell died in 1879.

When did William Henry Wahl die?

William Henry Wahl died in 1909.

When did William Henry Playfair die?

William Henry Playfair died in 1857.

When did William Henry Fitton die?

William Henry Fitton died in 1861.