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William E. Barber died on 2002-04-19.

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Q: When did William E. Barber die?
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When was William E. Barber born?

William E. Barber was born on 1919-11-20.

When did William Johnson - barber - die?

William Johnson - barber - died in 1851.

What has the author William E Barber written?

William E. Barber has written: 'Address delivered before the Alumni association of Lafayette college'

When did William Barber - Ontario politician - die?

William Barber - Ontario politician - died in 1889.

When did William Henry Peter Barber die?

William Henry Peter Barber died in 1943.

When did Charles E. Barber die?

Charles E. Barber died in 1917.

When was William Johnson - barber - born?

William Johnson - barber - was born in 1809.

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William E. Naff died in 2005.

When did William E. Metzger die?

William E. Metzger died in 1933.

When did William E. Humphrey die?

William E. Humphrey died in 1934.

When did William E. Cole die?

William E. Cole died in 1953.

When did William E. Gates die?

William E. Gates died in 1940.