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William Dudley Foulke died in 1935.

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Q: When did William Dudley Foulke die?
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When was William Dudley Foulke born?

William Dudley Foulke was born in 1848.

When did William Parker Foulke die?

William Parker Foulke died in 1865.

When did William Foulke - footballer - die?

William Foulke - footballer - died on 1916-05-01.

When did William Dudley Geer die?

William Dudley Geer died in 2003.

When did William Harold Dudley die?

William Harold Dudley died in 1949.

When did William Wade Dudley die?

William Wade Dudley died in 1909.

When was William Foulke - footballer - born?

William Foulke - footballer - was born on 1874-04-12.

When did William Dudley Ward die?

William Dudley Ward died on 1946-11-11.

When did William Russell Dudley die?

William Russell Dudley died on 1911-06-04.

When did William Dudley - colonel - die?

William Dudley - colonel - died on 1766-05-05.

When did William Dudley - bishop - die?

William Dudley - bishop - died on 1483-11-29.

What has the author William Dudley Foulke written?

William Dudley Foulke has written: 'Slav or Saxon' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Civilization, History 'Civil service reform' -- subject(s): Civil service reform 'The limitations of reforms as recalled from personal experiences' -- subject(s): Social conditions, Social problems 'A Hoosier autobiography' -- subject(s): Biography 'A random record of travel during fifty years' -- subject(s): Voyages and travels 'To-day and yesterday'