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William Bostwick Sheppard died in 1934.

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William Shepard died on 1817-11-16.

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George H. Sheppard died in 1949.

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Q: When did William Bostwick Sheppard die?
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When was William Bostwick Sheppard born?

William Bostwick Sheppard was born in 1860.

When did William Fleetwood Sheppard die?

William Fleetwood Sheppard died in 1936.

When did William Henry Sheppard die?

William Henry Sheppard died on 1927-11-25.

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When did John Bostwick die?

John Bostwick died in 1849.

When was William Fleetwood Sheppard born?

William Fleetwood Sheppard was born in 1863.

When was William Henry Sheppard born?

William Henry Sheppard was born on 1865-03-08.

When did Scott Bostwick die?

Scott Bostwick died on 2011-06-05.

When did Arthur Elmore Bostwick die?

Arthur Elmore Bostwick died in 1942.

When did Dorothy Stokes Bostwick die?

Dorothy Stokes Bostwick died in 2001.

When did Pete Bostwick die?

Pete Bostwick died on 1982-01-13.

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