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Willi Oberbeck died in 1979.

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Q: When did Willi Oberbeck die?
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When was Willi Oberbeck born?

Willi Oberbeck was born on 1910-02-21.

When did Anton Oberbeck die?

Anton Oberbeck died in 1900.

When did Henry Oberbeck die?

Henry Oberbeck died on 1921-08-26.

When and where did baseball player Henry Oberbeck die?

Henry Oberbeck died August 26, 1921, in St. Louis, MO, USA.

When was Anton Oberbeck born?

Anton Oberbeck was born in 1846.

When was Henry Oberbeck born?

Henry Oberbeck was born on 1858-05-17.

When did Willi Dehnkamp die?

Willi Dehnkamp died in 1985.

When did Willi Hennig die?

Willi Hennig died in 1976.

When did Willi Railo die?

Willi Railo died in 2010.

When did Willi Kirschner die?

Willi Kirschner died in 1994.

When did Willi Kaidel die?

Willi Kaidel died in 1978.

When did Willi Eichler die?

Willi Eichler died in 1971.