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Lewis E. Waterman died on May 1, 1901. He was known for inventing the fountain pen. He is in the inventors hall of fame.

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Waldo Waterman died in 1976.

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Q: When did Waldo Waterman die?
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When was waldo waterman born?

waldo waterman was born in 1894

Who built the first flying car?

Waldo Waterman built the Arrowbile which first took flight in 1937

When did Leroy Waterman die?

Leroy Waterman died in 1972.

When did Nixon Waterman die?

Nixon Waterman died in 1944.

When did Foster Waterman Stearns die?

Foster Waterman Stearns died in 1956.

When did Fred Waterman die?

Fred Waterman died on 1899-12-16.

When did Thomas G. Waterman die?

Thomas G. Waterman died in 1862.

When did Sterry R. Waterman die?

Sterry R. Waterman died in 1984.

When did Oliver Waterman Larkin die?

Oliver Waterman Larkin died in 1970.

When and how did Lewis Waterman die?

Lewis Waterman, the patent-er of the Waterman fountain pen, died on May 1, 1901, from complications of asthma.

When did Alan Tower Waterman die?

Alan Tower Waterman died on 1967-11-30.

When did Charles W. Waterman die?

Charles W. Waterman died on 1932-08-27.