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Vittoria Colonna died in 1547.

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Q: When did Vittoria Colonna die?
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What is the birth name of Vittoria Colonna Di Stigliano?

Vittoria Colonna Di Stigliano's birth name is Vittoria Colonna.

Where was vittoria colonna Born?


Who did michelangelo write poetry to?

Vittoria Colonna

What has the author Henry Roscoe written?

Henry Roscoe has written: 'Vittoria Colonna : her life and poems' -- subject(s): Accessible book 'Vittoria Colonna'

What is 'Vittoria Colonna elenco libri' in Italian?

A list of Vittoria Colonna's books is the English equivalent of 'Vittoria Colonna elenco libri'. In the word by word translation, the noun 'elenco' means 'list, inventory, index, catalogue'. The noun 'libri' means 'books'.

What are some vittoria colonna facts?

She was Important for her poetry

Who was Michelangelo's greatest love?

Vittoria Colonna, the marquess of Pescara.

Did Michelangelo fall in love?

Michelangelo fell in love with Vittoria Colonna

When did michaelangelo get married?

Michelangelo never married, though he did have a relationship with Vittoria Colonna.

Did Vittoria colonna use humanism in in her work?

Yes, Vittoria Colonna incorporated humanist themes in her work, especially in her poetry. She was known for blending her spirituality with humanist ideals, such as the importance of reason, education, and the pursuit of knowledge. Colonna's poetry often reflected humanist concepts like individuality, virtue, and the value of classical literature.

What city did vittoria colonna live in?

she waz born in marioa,but know one is exactly sure where she lived for her whole life.

When did Prospero Colonna die?

Prospero Colonna died in 1523.