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Vernon Stouffer was born in 1901.

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Vernon Stouffer died in 1974.

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Q: When did Vernon Stouffer die?
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When did Samuel A. Stouffer die?

Samuel A. Stouffer died in 1960.

When did Abraham Stouffer die?

Abraham Stouffer died in 1851.

Is Marty Stouffer dead and how did he die?

Yes he died in 2006.

When was Stouffer's created?

Stouffer's was created in 1922.

What is the birth name of Kelly Stouffer?

Kelly Stouffer's birth name is Kelly Wayne Stouffer.

What is the birth name of Linda Stouffer?

Linda Stouffer's birth name is Cinnamon Linda Stouffer.

When was Bill Stouffer born?

Bill Stouffer was born in 1947.

When was Samuel A. Stouffer born?

Samuel A. Stouffer was born in 1900.

When was Abraham Stouffer born?

Abraham Stouffer was born in 1781.

When was Linda Stouffer born?

Linda Stouffer was born on August 6, 1970.

When did Vernon Tomes die?

Vernon Tomes died in 1999.

When did Gabor Vernon die?

Gabor Vernon died in 1985.