When did Valentin Kotyk die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Valentin Kotyk died in 1944.

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Q: When did Valentin Kotyk die?
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When was Valentin Kotyk born?

Valentin Kotyk was born in 1930.

When was Ken Kotyk born?

Ken Kotyk was born in 1981.

When was Seamus Kotyk born?

Seamus Kotyk was born in 1980.

What is Ken Kotyk's position on Canada's olympic bobsleigh team?

Ken Kotyk's position is the Brakeman for the Canadian bobsleigh team.

When did Valentin Vodnik die?

Valentin Vodnik died in 1819.

When did Valentin Zeglovsky die?

Valentin Zeglovsky died in 1985.

When did Valentin Avrorin die?

Valentin Avrorin died in 1977.

When did Valentin Turchin die?

Valentin Turchin died in 2010.

When did Valentin Iremonger die?

Valentin Iremonger died in 1991.

When did Valentin Muratov die?

Valentin Muratov died in 2006.

When did Valentin Markin die?

Valentin Markin died in 1934.

When did Valentin Jautard die?

Valentin Jautard died in 1787.