When did Ute Blaich die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ute Blaich died on February 22, 2004, in Germany.

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Q: When did Ute Blaich die?
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What has the author Ute Blaich written?

Ute Blaich has written: 'Das rosa Pferd' -- subject(s): Art, Juvenile literature, Technique

When did Albert Blaich die?

Albert Blaich died on 1945-03-15.

When did Sonderkommando Blaich happen?

Sonderkommando Blaich was active in Auschwitz concentration camp from September 1942 to June 1943. They were responsible for loading victims into gas chambers and disposing of their bodies.

When was Albert Blaich born?

Albert Blaich was born on 1913-10-03.

What has the author Horst Blaich written?

Horst Blaich has written: 'Exiled from the Holy Land' -- subject(s): Agricultural colonies, Immigrants, Germans, Biography, History

What has the author Robert Blaich written?

Robert Blaich has written: 'New and Notable Product Design' 'Your Inner Pharmacy' -- subject(s): Health, Integrative medicine, Self-care, Health

When did Ute Mora die?

Ute Mora died on September 3, 2003, in Munich, Germany of cancer.

What has the author Ute von Bloh written?

Ute von Bloh has written: 'Die illustrierten Historienbibeln' -- subject(s): Bible, History, Illustrations

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What has the author Ute Tischer written?

Ute Tischer has written: 'Die zeitgeschichtliche Anspielung in der antiken Literaturerkl arung' -- subject(s): Latin literature, OUR Brockhaus selection

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