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Triple H's first WWE Title was the Intercontinental Championship when he defeated Marc Mero on October 21, 1996.

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Triple H made his in-ring debut on November 1, 1992, and in early 1994 he signed a contract with World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

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Shawn Michaels debuted October 16, 1984

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Q: When did Triple H get his debut?
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What year did Triple H start wrestling?

triple h made his debut on march 24,1992

When did Triple H start the WWE?

Triple H made his debut to WWE in March 24, 1992

How much WrestleMania's did Triple H loose?

Triple H has been in 16 Wrestlemanias since his debut and has a win lose record of 7-9. (as of 2012)

When did hhh start to restle?

Triple H made his wrestling debut in march 1992

When did Triple H make his WWE debut?

Triple H made his WWF/WWE debut on April 29, 1995 on WWF Superstars. He was on Raw for the first time on May 22, 1995. His first professional match was in 1992 though. 1992

When did Triple H fight his first match?

Triple H made his debut in the WWE (formerly WWF) on April 30, 1995 and had a match against sonny rogers in which he won.

What year did Triple H join WWE?

His wrestling debut on the April 30, 1995 episode of WWF Wrestling Challenge.

What is triple h nationality?

Triple H is American

Has anyone scored triple century in his debut?


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Who is hotter Triple H or undertaker?

Triple H

Who is better bigshow or Triple H?

Triple H