When did Tommy Wilde die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Tommy Wilde died in 1995 of auto accident.

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Q: When did Tommy Wilde die?
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What nicknames did Thomas Wilde go by?

Thomas Wilde went by Tommy, and Big Daddy.

When did Eduardo Wilde die?

Eduardo Wilde died in 1913.

When did Jane Wilde die?

Jane Wilde died in 1896.

When did Fritz Wilde die?

Fritz Wilde died in 1977.

When did Ted Wilde die?

Ted Wilde died in 1929.

When did Willie Wilde die?

Willie Wilde died in 1899.

When did Bob Wilde die?

Bob Wilde died in 1939.

When did Walter Wilde die?

Walter Wilde died in 1968.

When did John Wilde - jurist - die?

John Wilde - jurist - died in 1669.

When did Peter Ernst Wilde die?

Peter Ernst Wilde died in 1785.

When did Samuel De Wilde die?

Samuel De Wilde died in 1832.

When did Louis J. Wilde die?

Louis J. Wilde died in 1926.