When did Thomas Snelling die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Thomas Snelling died in 1773.

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Q: When did Thomas Snelling die?
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When was Thomas Snelling born?

Thomas Snelling was born in 1712.

When did Arthur Snelling die?

Arthur Snelling died in 1996.

When did Douglas Snelling die?

Douglas Snelling died in 1985.

When did William Joseph Snelling die?

William Joseph Snelling died in 1848.

When did Roy Snelling die?

Roy Snelling died on 2008-04-21.

When did Richard A. Snelling die?

Richard A. Snelling died on 1991-08-13.

When did William Snelling Hadaway die?

William Snelling Hadaway died in 1941.

When did O. F. Snelling die?

O. F. Snelling died on 2001-11-06.

When did Walter O. Snelling die?

Walter O. Snelling died on 1965-09-10.

When did Charles Mercer Snelling die?

Charles Mercer Snelling died on 1939-09-19.

When did Henry Hunt Snelling die?

Henry Hunt Snelling died on 1897-06-24.

What has the author Thomas Snelling written?

Thomas Snelling has written: 'A supplement to Mr. Simon's essay on Irish coins' 'A view of the coins at this time current throughout Europe' -- subject(s): European Coins