When did Swinton Boult die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Swinton Boult died in 1876.

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Q: When did Swinton Boult die?
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When was Swinton Boult born?

Swinton Boult was born in 1809.

When did Jenny Boult die?

Jenny Boult died in 2005.

When did Sir Adrian Boult die?

Sir Adrian Boult died on February 22, 1983 at the age of 93.

When did Adrian Boult die?

Adrian Boult died on February 23, 1983, in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, UK.

When did Alexander Swinton die?

Alexander Swinton died in 1700.

When did Lee Swinton die?

Lee Swinton died in 1994.

When did George Swinton die?

George Swinton died in 1937.

When did Samuel Swinton Jacob die?

Samuel Swinton Jacob died in 1917.

When did Ernest Dunlop Swinton die?

Ernest Dunlop Swinton died in 1951.

When did Alan Archibald Campbell-Swinton die?

Alan Archibald Campbell-Swinton died in 1930.

When did James Rannie Swinton die?

James Rannie Swinton died on 1888-12-18.

When was Jenny Boult born?

Jenny Boult was born in 1951.