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it was yesterday of tommorow

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Q: When did Sonny Moore get his lip and arm tattoo?
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What are all of Sonny Moores tattoos?

From what I know so far, Sonny Moore has a tattoo inside his bottom lip that says Skrillex

What are Mitchel Musso's tattoos of?

The tattoo on his wrist says "MMM" standing for "Mason, Mitchel, and Marc". The tattoo on the right side of his chest is a thorny rose with "Katherine" written inside, for his mom (I think that was sweet, cuz he put it by his heart). The tattoo on the left side of his chest is of a crown with a lion on it. I don't know what that stands for. The tattoo on his left shoulder says "Sam M (his dad) Unsurpassed", which means he is unbeatable. The tattoo on his right shoulder is of a microphone. He has a tattoo of the anarchy symbol on his right side. He had a tattoo on his lip that said "Gia", but lip tattoos aren't permanent. He has a very large tattoo on his left side that says "717", his record company. His most recent tattoo is unknown. It is on his hip. Anyway, with all of these tats, yup. Mitchel Musso is a bad boy. I answered 2 questions :-)

Does Justin Moore dip?

From watching him singing, he does look like he has tobacco in his lip. He also sang about his grandpa chewin Red Man when Justin was baptised.

What is Sonny With a Chance episode 8 about?

When Sonny is interviewed by Tween Weekly TV, Chad immediately steps in and uses Sonny to make himself look better. When Sonny realizes this, she gets frustrated with Chad and the cameras witness the interaction, making everyone hate her. Sonny sees herself getting angry with Chad on TV and decides to talk to him and clear her name. But Chad refuses to help Sonny's reputation so she fights fire with fire and catches Chad being a jerk on a hidden camera in her hat. Impressed, Chad gives Sonny 'props' and says they should hang out sometime, and Sonny says he can stop acting since the camera is off. Chad says he knows, implying that he likes her. Sonny smiles at him and nods, and Chad smiles back. Meanwhile, Nico and Grady sort through Tawni's trash to sell it online, but are caught and punished by Tawni by having to feed her and apply lip gloss whenever she tells them to.

What is the difference between lip singing and lip-synching?

The correct term is lip synching. Lip singing is used by those that don't know what it is they are trying to say and have never seen it correctly written.

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What are all of Sonny Moores tattoos?

From what I know so far, Sonny Moore has a tattoo inside his bottom lip that says Skrillex

Does Sonny Moore have a tattoo other than the Skrillex inside his lower lip?

He used to have "SKRILLEX" as the tattoo on his bottom lip but it disolved and now he is planning on getting another tattoo inside his bottom lip and the power symbols as displayed in his "Mora" music video on his hand(s).

Does your lip swell up after getting a lip tattoo?


How do you tell the Lenny and john pearces twins apart?

usually you can tell by their faces. but if you cant; Lenny has a lip piercing on the right side & he has a tattoo along his right arm & right side of his neck. John has a nose piercing on his left side and has a tattoo on his upper right arm and on his right leg

Will a lip tattoo get swollen?

Yes mildly

Are lip tattoos permanent?

Yes lip tattoos are permanent. They still use ink and a tattoo gun for them. Although your tattoo wont be seen if dont on the inside of the lip its still a very painful process

How did Sonny Moore get the name 'Skrillex'?

He was friends with Deadmau5 at the time. And Deadmau5 suggested the name Skrillex. So basically Deadmau5 gets all the credit.

What is the meaning of a lip tattoo?

im training to become a tattoo artist and to have the inside of your lip tattooed means whatever you want it to.It doesnt mean anything, except what you want it to.

Where to search Lip Tattoos in horses?

The Jockey Club site has information on how to search your TB's lip tattoo.

Where do you get your lip pierced professionally?

Average tattoo shop/parlor.

What does christofer drews tattoo say on his lip?

It says " Truth "

Where can someone go to get a lip tattoo in Miami?

There is a company called Miami Ink that offers a lip tattoo service for $150 but there are many places in Miami that will offer a cheaper services if quality is not an issue.