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Soeiro Pereira Gomes died in 1949.

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Q: When did Soeiro Pereira Gomez die?
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When was Soeiro Pereira Gomez born?

Soeiro Pereira Gomes was born in 1909.

When did Manuel Soeiro die?

Manuel Soeiro died in 1977-02.

When was Elton Pereira Gomez born?

Elton Pereira Gomes was born on 1988-07-12.

When was Manuel Soeiro born?

Manuel Soeiro was born on 1909-03-17.

When was Vitor Gomez Pereira Junior born?

Vitor Gomes Pereira Junior was born on 1989-01-08.

What has the author Ricardo Gil Soeiro written?

Ricardo Gil Soeiro has written: 'Espera vigilante' 'Caligraphia do espanto'

When did Astrojildo Pereira die?

Astrojildo Pereira died in 1965.

When did E.O.E. Pereira die?

E.O.E. Pereira died in 1988.

When did George Pereira die?

George Pereira died in 1923.

When did Gómez Pereira die?

Gómez Pereira died in 1567.

When did Nilo Pereira die?

Nilo Pereira died in 1992.

When did Fernando Pereira die?

Fernando Pereira died in 1985.