When did Seo Hui die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Seo Hui died in 998.

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Q: When did Seo Hui die?
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When was Seo Hui born?

Seo Hui, a Korean scholar and government official, was born in 892 AD. He was one of the most influential figures in the Goryeo Dynasty and is credited with many accomplishments. He wrote several books about Confucianism, politics, and military strategy. He also helped to establish the Goryeo Dynasty's legal code and served as an advisor to two kings. His legacy lives on today in Korea through his writings and teachings.

When did Hui of Balhae die?

Hui of Balhae died in 817.

When did Xie Hui die?

Xie Hui died in 426.

When did Hwang Hui die?

Hwang Hui died in 1452.

When did Ding Hui die?

Ding Hui died in 910.

When did Xu Hui die?

Xu Hui died in 650.

When did Murong Hui die?

Murong Hui died in 333.

When did Wen Hui die?

Wen Hui died in 223.

When did Fang Hui die?

Fang Hui died in 1307.

When did Eddie Hui die?

Eddie Hui died in 2009.

When did Jing Hui die?

Jing Hui died in 706.

When did Zhong Hui die?

Zhong Hui died in 264.