When did Ron Holmes die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ron Holmes died on 2011-10-27.

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Q: When did Ron Holmes die?
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When was Ron Holmes born?

Ron Holmes was born on 1963-08-26.

What has the author Ron Holmes written?

Ron Holmes has written: 'Red fox use of the intertidal zone' -- subject(s): Intertidal zonation, Red fox 'Word 6 for Windows' -- subject(s): Microsoft Word, Word processing

When did Eldridge Holmes die?

Eldridge Holmes died in 1998.

When did Charlie Holmes die?

Charlie Holmes died in 1985.

When did Fenwicke Holmes die?

Fenwicke Holmes died in 1973.

When did Frederick Holmes die?

Frederick Holmes died in 1944.

When did Andy Holmes die?

Andy Holmes died in 2010.

When did Charles Holmes die?

Charles Holmes died in 1936.

When did Holmes Beckwith die?

Holmes Beckwith died in 1921.

When did Helen Holmes die?

Helen Holmes died in 1950.

When did Hal Holmes die?

Hal Holmes died in 1977.

When did Besby Holmes die?

Besby Holmes died in 2006.