When did Robin leave Batman?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In the Teen Titans story arc The Judas Contract. He left Batman and became his full potential when he became a leader.

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Q: When did Robin leave Batman?
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Is batman the boss of robin?

Robin is Batman's adopted son. Batman is not Robin's boss.

Why does Robin follow Batman?

Robin follows Batman as he is Batman's sidekick.

Who played robin in batman and robin new?

If you are referring to the Batman and Robin from 1997, then it was Chris O'Donnell

Who directed Batman and robin?

Tim Burton was the director of Batman, Batman Returns. Joel Schumacher directed Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. Christopher Nolan directed Batman Begins.

When was Alyas Batman at Robin created?

Alyas Batman at Robin was created in 1965.

Which one came before Batman forever or Batman and robin?

Batman forever came out in 1995 and was followed by the abysmal Batman and Robin in 1997

Who played Robin in 1997's Batman and Robin?

Chris O'Donnell played Robin in the 1997 movie, Batman and Robin.

What is the real name of robin in son of batman?

Robin in Son of Batman is Damian Wayne.

How many batman and robin 1949 serial?

There were 15 chapters in the 1949 Batman and Robin serial .

Should you say Batman always needs robin or Batman always need robin?


When was Alyas Batman en Robin created?

Alyas Batman en Robin was created in 1991.

Who fights crime in Gotham City?

Batman & Robin