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Robert Urquhart - actor - died on 1995-03-21.

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Robert Urquhart - actor - was born on 1921-10-16.

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Q: When did Robert Urquhart - actor - die?
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When did Robert Urquhart die?

Robert Urquhart died on March 21, 1995, in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

When was Robert Urquhart born?

Robert Urquhart was born on October 16, 1921, in Ullapool, Scotland, UK.

What has the author Alexander Robert Urquhart written?

Alexander Robert Urquhart has written: 'The development of some man-made fibres'

When did Robert Adair - actor - die?

Robert Adair - actor - died in 1954.

When did Robert Gordon - actor - die?

Robert Gordon - actor - died in 1971.

When did Robert Christie - actor - die?

Robert Christie - actor - died in 1913.

When did Robert Manuel - actor - die?

Robert Manuel - actor - died in 1995.

When did Molly Urquhart die?

Molly Urquhart died in 1977.

When did Fred Urquhart die?

Fred Urquhart died in 2002.

When did David Urquhart die?

David Urquhart died in 1877.

When did James Urquhart die?

James Urquhart died in 1901.

When did Isabelle Urquhart die?

Isabelle Urquhart died in 1907.