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Richard Maurice Bucke died in 1902.

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Richard Buckle died on 2001-10-12.

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Q: When did Richard Maurice Bucke die?
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When was Richard Maurice Bucke born?

Richard Maurice Bucke was born in 1837.

What has the author Richard Maurice Bucke written?

Richard Maurice Bucke has written: 'Cosmic consciousness' -- subject(s): Philosophy of mind

When did Maurice Richard Josey die?

Maurice Richard died in 2000

How many sisters did Maurice Richard have?

His name was Richard Maurice Bucke. Many Canadians and English followed the custom of being called by a second name, as was he and as am I.I have all the Bucke names, dates of birth, death, etc., if interested. My maternal great-grandfather was the elder brother of Richard Maurice Bucke, his name was Philip Eustace Bucke. I was born in 1926 so if you would like information re the family, etc., you'd better ask! RMB's grandson and I kept in touch for several years. He passed two years ago. He was the last of the RMB line, his own son having been killed in a car accident when a student at the U. of BC. The grandson's wife and daughter live in Ontario. We keep in touch. J.P.O'B, Nov. 2010, Montana (

When did Charles Bucke die?

Charles Bucke died on 1846-07-31.

When did Maurice Richard die?

Maurice Richard died on May 27, 2000 at the age of 78.

How did Maurice Richard die?

Joseph Henry Maurice Richard (August 1921 to May 2000) was a Canadian professional hockey player. Richard suffered from abdominal cancer and later Parkinson's disease.

How did rocket Richard die?

Maurice Richard passed away on May 27, 2000 from abdominal cancer.

When was Maurice Richard?

Maurice Richard was born on August 4, 1921.

When was Maurice Richard Josey born?

Maurice Richard Josey was born in 1870.

Which autograph is worth more maurice Richard or Wayne Gretzky?

Maurice Richard.

When was Maurice Richard released?

Maurice Richard was released on 11/30/2007.