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Richard Gwinnett died in 1717.

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Q: When did Richard Gwinnett die?
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Name the first signer of the declaration of independence to die?

Button Gwinnett

Who is Phil Gwinnett?

He is the first cousin, eight times removed, from Declaration of Independence signer Button Gwinnett. He is descended from Button Gwinnett's Uncle George Gwinnett.

When can you start driving in Gwinnett?

he is the founder of gwinnett county

When was Gwinnett Majic created?

Gwinnett Majic was created in 2009.

When was Gwinnett Braves created?

Gwinnett Braves was created in 2009.

When was Gwinnett Gladiators created?

Gwinnett Gladiators was created in 2003.

Who was Button Gwinnett's wife?

Button Gwinnett's wife was Anne Bourne

What is a good name for cereal that has button or gwinnett in the name?

gwinnett squares

Was button Gwinnett from Georgia?

Yes, he was from Georgia, and Gwinnett County was named for him.

How many brothers and sisters did button gwinnett have?

Butto Gwinnett had no siblings

When was Button Gwinnett born?

Button Gwinnett was born on April 10, 1735.

Obituaries for gwinnett county?

The obituaries for Gwinnett county can be found in the local newspapers.