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Ramona Garcia Coronado died on March 9, 2009, in Boyle Heights, California, USA.

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Q: When did Ramona Garcia Coronado die?
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When was Ramona Garcia Coronado born?

Ramona Garcia Coronado was born on October 9, 1904, in Jalisco, Mexico.

When did Ramona - vocalist - die?

Ramona - vocalist - died in 1972.

When did Comandante Ramona die?

Comandante Ramona died in 2006.

Who found the Grand Canyon and when?

It was Garcia Lopez de Cardenas from the Coronado expeition in 1540.

In what year did the Spanish Explorer Coronado discover the Grand Canyon?

Captain Garcia Lopez de Cardenas of the Coronado expedition was taken there by his Hopi guides in 1540.

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Who was the Coronado Expedition Officer who discoved the Grand Canyon?

It was Captain Garcia Lopez de Cardenas.

Did Coronado die in 1552 or 1554?

Coronado died in 1554

When did Coronado Chávez die?

Coronado Chávez died in 1881.

Did Marquette discover the Grand Canyon?

No, it was Captain Garcia Lopez de Cardenas of the 1540 Coronado Expedition.

When did Ramona M. Valdez die?

Ramona M. Valdez died on 2005-06-23.

When did Manuel Martinez Coronado die?

Manuel Martinez Coronado died in 1998.